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BAM. Toasted Coconut.

One of the coolest things about wordpress is the data it gathers.  There is a page that keeps count of page views, links clicked, referrers, other stuff, and one of my favorites: Search Terms.  That is, the phrases and words people google that makes Cupcake Villains appear in their search results page–a hilarious number surround the question of how to use alcohol in cupcakes–and one popped up after Mels last post that immediately seemed like a good idea: Gluten-Free Chocolate Coconut Cream Cupcakes.

I think these might be on the cupcake menu for my friend’s wedding; Gluten-Free, Vegan, and actually really really awesome. (more…)

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As a dutiful offspring, I needed to make something particularly charming and fancy for my maternal unit’s day of birth.

Birthday Cupcakes!

Of course, I’m also obsessed with pudding filling in cupcakes, so I totally went down that road again, and went down the hazelnut-chocolate cupcake road again.

The delicate crumb the nut meal lends to these cupcakes is so…seductive is a weird word to use in relation to cupcakes, isn’t it?

In any case, what makes these cakes special is the Frangelico in the pudding filling, and the frosting.  Up until I had the tin of ground cinnamon in my hand, hovering over the bowl of sugar and margarine, I was going to make chocolate frosting.


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nom nom nom

Apparently my current fixation is cupcake fillings

Okay, so these were labor-intensive little buggers.  After the orange-chocolate cupcakes earlier, my associate AWGster commented that ze would prefer something much less…orange-y, as filling.  Which is how these were born.

I’m really digging the texture that adding nut-meal to cupcakes gives–I feel like the cupcakes are more moist and tender and have a really good…umm, well, I’ve only heard this in the context of coffee and wine, but mouth-feel.  Anyways, it’s awfully lucky I’m not allergic to nuts.

So these cupcakes are chocolate hazelnut cupcakes, with a hazelnut buttercream frosting, chocolate ganache topping, and a chocolate pudding filling, and ALL are vegan, because I’m totally a winner.

These cupcakes took forever to make, but are definitively worth it. (more…)

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