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170It has finally happened – the San Francisco 49ers have prevailed and will be playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday!  My father has claimed that his children have always brought the 49ers luck.  A month after my brother was born, our boys won their first national championship.  Just 15 days after I was born, they won their second.  They have been undefeated since then in their five Super Bowl games.  I am just hoping with all hope that this Sunday they can make it six!

To celebrate, I have developed a deep, rich, and tangy cupcake to show my love for my team.  I am borrowing my all-time favorite chocolate cupcake recipe (developed for a Super Bowl party three years ago), filling it with tangy and boozey cherries, with a topping of red and gold pride in the form of a rich cream cheese frosting.  Start the cherry filling a few days ahead so the cherries can reach full re-hydration and flavor.



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Cupcakes as far as the eye can see...

This will be my second alcohol-free cupcake post in a row!  That’s some sort of record, I am sure.  These cupcakes were for the same baby shower as the previous Almond and Vanilla ones.  Frankly, there’s not too much creativity going on here, as I jacked Gibb’s Brown Sugar Cupcake recipe once again, and I’m stealing my own Peanut Butter Mousse.  Add some jelly in the middle, and you have a peanut butter and jelly cupcake :) (more…)

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Another flavor request from my mom!  She loves coconut cream pie, and she wanted me to duplicate the flavors in a cupcake.  To do so, I made a traditional vanilla cake batter, but substituted coconut milk for the regular milk.  Additionally, I made a coconut custard to put in the center.  Finally, I topped it off with one of my favorite frostings, stolen from my Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes (minus the spices, of course).  Add a bit of toasted coconut on top, and you have a delicious cupcake!


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what a looker

you're the prettiest cupcake in the room, the whole wide room

These are really really handsome cupcakes.  They look fancy, I know, and deep on the inside, they are even fancier.

That is, these are the long-promised Heart Attack Cupcakes, which are incredibly chocolatey in 2.5 ways, and have a cream cheese frosting filling.  And by “have a cream cheese frosting filling,” I mean they have a fancy fancy toasted organic black walnut vegan cream cheese filling, because I am just that gosh-darn awesome.

The “frosting” is actually the thick concoction of chocolate, soy milk, a wee bit of margarine, and patience that is sometimes called “ganache.” (more…)

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Man, the chocolate shavings are pretty.

D Clark won our 100th comment contest, and since D Clark has also made it clear for months that I need to make Lemon Chocolate Cupcakes, a la Trader Joe’s cookies that I have never had, that is what Mels and I will be working with.

Recently, while trawling other baking blogs, I ran across this recipe at Smitten Kitchen (where I also found the inspiration for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bombs) and knew immediately what I wanted to do. (more…)

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Aren't they cute?

The 31st is my 6-month blogiversary!  I recently volunteered at an event where my entire job was to stand behind a table covered in fancy dark chocolate peanut butter cups, grinning like a mad-person and convincing people with my boyish charm to exchange their precious tickets for one of them. (more…)

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As a dutiful offspring, I needed to make something particularly charming and fancy for my maternal unit’s day of birth.

Birthday Cupcakes!

Of course, I’m also obsessed with pudding filling in cupcakes, so I totally went down that road again, and went down the hazelnut-chocolate cupcake road again.

The delicate crumb the nut meal lends to these cupcakes is so…seductive is a weird word to use in relation to cupcakes, isn’t it?

In any case, what makes these cakes special is the Frangelico in the pudding filling, and the frosting.  Up until I had the tin of ground cinnamon in my hand, hovering over the bowl of sugar and margarine, I was going to make chocolate frosting.


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