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I know, I know, we must all look past the title I’ve given these cupcakes and suspend disbelief!  This specific concoction did not start out as Russian soup-inspired, but through the workings of my brain, it has become so!  I have been wanting to make a beet and goat cheese cupcake for quite some time now. This weekend, while perusing the stalls at the farmer’s market, I found some lovely beets, and fearing they might be the last of the season (they’ve been slowly disappearing from the market), I bought a pound…or three.  Then, fate came my way!  On my door step this morning in my produce delivery (a new venture, thanks to www.farmfreshtoyou.com) was a bunch of fresh carrots.  Looking in the fridge, I realized I needed to use up my sour cream and goat cheese before leaving on an extended camping trip…the combinations started to form in my head, and before I knew it, I had the makings of a borscht cupcake!  Granted, one doesn’t usually find goat cheese in borscht, but it seemed to go so well with everything else!


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