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In honor of the Super Bowl and all of its food and drink traditions, I felt compelled to make a delectable treat!  A month or so ago, Gibbs and I added beer and cheese cupcakes to our to-do list, and they are finally here!  The combination of flavors is perfect!  I mean, you eat cheese with beer, make beer and cheese soup…why not cupcakes?  Obviously, I was not the first person to ask this question.  Upon doing a preliminary search online, I found the same recipe over and over and over again.  I do not know who first posted it, and I am not claiming it as my own.  I just figured that since it is so popular, I might as well give it a shot myself!  Note, the original recipe called for bacon in the frosting, but my own vegetarian ways and total loathing of bacon put me off to that idea.  Feel free to add it when you try out the recipe!


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