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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to make some sort of green cupcake.  At first I thought of a chocolate cupcake with mint green frosting…boring. Then, why not just use food coloring to dye the batter green?  Uninspiring.  The only green dessert I could think of was pistachio pudding!  So, it became a cupcake.  And I started with the source or my inspiration.  Besides chopped pistachios (a must), I used a box of pistachio pudding mix for extra flavor and color.  After examining the box’s contents, I knew that I had to alter my base recipe quite a bit.  Pudding mix is almost all sugar, so I decreased the sugar in the batter by 1/3 of a cup and the flour by 1/4 of a cup to compensate for the added pudding.  Instant pudding also has gelatin in it, so I upped the amount of baking powder so that the cake would not turn out too dense.  Also, when thinking of other pistachio flavored desserts, I started to reminisce about delicious Indian rice pudding that uses cardamom and cinnamon.  I sprinkled in a little of both for a nice added touch and delicious flavor!  Enough background, let’s get to the recipe!


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