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Lemon Almond Gluten Free Cupcakes

A friend of mine who recently had a birthday has  a twin sister who is gluten-intolerant, so when the invite for the potluck party was made, it was pretty clear that I was going to make gluten-free cupcakes.

Since it is finally summer in this city, it seemed like a citrus-combo cupcake was a best-fit for the weather and a backyard barbeque. (more…)

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BAM. Toasted Coconut.

One of the coolest things about wordpress is the data it gathers.  There is a page that keeps count of page views, links clicked, referrers, other stuff, and one of my favorites: Search Terms.  That is, the phrases and words people google that makes Cupcake Villains appear in their search results page–a hilarious number surround the question of how to use alcohol in cupcakes–and one popped up after Mels last post that immediately seemed like a good idea: Gluten-Free Chocolate Coconut Cream Cupcakes.

I think these might be on the cupcake menu for my friend’s wedding; Gluten-Free, Vegan, and actually really really awesome. (more…)

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Gluten-free and tasty

They sound kind of ridiculous, I know, I know.  I reported my progress on them, and was then a little embarrassed.

I was honestly not expecting much from these cupcakes; how does one have a cupcake without gluten forming the spongy backbone of it?

And the answer is, apparently, that you make do with a variety of other flours, all of which are readily available due to the existence of Bob’s Red Mill, a local milling company that is pretty much every kind of cool you can imagine.


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The pink is so pink!

Okay, so, gluten-free vanilla cupcakes I suspected might be a wee bit dodgy, so I decided to doctor them up with lemon extract and lemon zest.

As it turns out, this was a really good decision, not the least because of the oddly intense yellow that the corn flour lends to the cupcakes.  Not that you can quite tell in the photo to the left, but trust me: they are quite quite yellow.

I have mixed feelings on the texture…it felt a little gritty, but that might be because I hadn’t ground the flax seeds well enough?  Unclear. (more…)

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