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054These cupcakes have been in my brain for quite some time now, and I thought they would be a perfect opportunity to try out a new frosting that I’ve been wanting to try: Swiss meringue buttercream!  I’ve heard horror stories about how you can break the emulsion and that to make this frosting correctly, you need a stand mixer.  I do not have a stand mixer, and I was sure I could do it without one.  I mean, the Swiss didn’t wait around for the invention of the stand mixer – or even electricity – to develop the frosting, I bet.  In the end, the frosting was successful, and is now one of my new favorites :)

I, once again, used a past recipe for the cupcake batter.  If you’d like to see step-by-step pictures of the batter-making process, see the original post (linked below):


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048There’s not much of a back story to these cupcakes.  Blackberries were on sale at my local market, and I wanted to use them to top a cupcake.  I utilized an almond cupcake recipe I’ve used before, and tried out a new way to do buttercream (inspired by my foray into vegan baking) that uses shortening as well as butter.  I’m really pleased with it and I think I’ll be using that combo for all of my buttercreams from now on!  I did a simple 1-1 ratio, and it turned out well.  I will say that with just using cocoa powder, the frosting tasted very much like milk chocolate.  Next time, I’ll try using some melted bitter-sweet chocolate to give it more depth of flavor.  All in all, a very good cupcake!


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170It has finally happened – the San Francisco 49ers have prevailed and will be playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday!  My father has claimed that his children have always brought the 49ers luck.  A month after my brother was born, our boys won their first national championship.  Just 15 days after I was born, they won their second.  They have been undefeated since then in their five Super Bowl games.  I am just hoping with all hope that this Sunday they can make it six!

To celebrate, I have developed a deep, rich, and tangy cupcake to show my love for my team.  I am borrowing my all-time favorite chocolate cupcake recipe (developed for a Super Bowl party three years ago), filling it with tangy and boozey cherries, with a topping of red and gold pride in the form of a rich cream cheese frosting.  Start the cherry filling a few days ahead so the cherries can reach full re-hydration and flavor.


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Believe it or not, the s’mores cupcake was the first cupcake I ever “developed” over 3 years ago.  I’ve made it dozens of times, and it’s a friend and family favorite.  How it has never gotten its own post, I don’t know!  The unfortunate part is that none of its components are new to Cupcake Villains.  I used to use a boxed cake mix for the chocolate cupcake, but I’ve since then upgraded to my Decadent Chocolate recipe.  I use a marshmallow frosting recipe that has been featured in such favorites as the Rocky Road  cupcakes.  I didn’t want to beat a dead horse, so if you’d like to see pictures of the process for making either of these, click on the original post. (more…)

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These are cocoa nibs. They are bitter in a deliciously chocolatey kind of way.

They don’t look like much, do they?  Cocoa nibs look like gravel, or peanuts, or…I really just lost track of that thought.

Regardless, they’re delicious, grown-up chocolate chips.  Well, maybe not grown up, but definitely a little fancier.

I made red velvet, again, but this time, I did it with an old-fashioned cooked frosting, which I liked a LOT better than most of the buttercream frosting I’ve had.  I also understand why cream cheese frosting is usually paired with the cake; the textures are similar (though the cream cheese is tangier). (more…)

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BAM. Toasted Coconut.

One of the coolest things about wordpress is the data it gathers.  There is a page that keeps count of page views, links clicked, referrers, other stuff, and one of my favorites: Search Terms.  That is, the phrases and words people google that makes Cupcake Villains appear in their search results page–a hilarious number surround the question of how to use alcohol in cupcakes–and one popped up after Mels last post that immediately seemed like a good idea: Gluten-Free Chocolate Coconut Cream Cupcakes.

I think these might be on the cupcake menu for my friend’s wedding; Gluten-Free, Vegan, and actually really really awesome. (more…)

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This weekend, I made monkey love!  Yes.  I know.  Let’s move on the from obvious sexual jokes (trust me, I’ve already made all of them) and move onto these delicious delicious cupcakes.

I’m usually really really not a fan of banana in baked goods; it always seems so overpoweringly strong in baked goods that I’m super reluctant to ever use it.


These seemed like a good idea.  Coconut!  Banana! Chocolate!

All good things when mushed together. (more…)

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what a looker

you're the prettiest cupcake in the room, the whole wide room

These are really really handsome cupcakes.  They look fancy, I know, and deep on the inside, they are even fancier.

That is, these are the long-promised Heart Attack Cupcakes, which are incredibly chocolatey in 2.5 ways, and have a cream cheese frosting filling.  And by “have a cream cheese frosting filling,” I mean they have a fancy fancy toasted organic black walnut vegan cream cheese filling, because I am just that gosh-darn awesome.

The “frosting” is actually the thick concoction of chocolate, soy milk, a wee bit of margarine, and patience that is sometimes called “ganache.” (more…)

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Gluten-free and tasty

They sound kind of ridiculous, I know, I know.  I reported my progress on them, and was then a little embarrassed.

I was honestly not expecting much from these cupcakes; how does one have a cupcake without gluten forming the spongy backbone of it?

And the answer is, apparently, that you make do with a variety of other flours, all of which are readily available due to the existence of Bob’s Red Mill, a local milling company that is pretty much every kind of cool you can imagine.


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I took an inadequate number of pictures.

My goodness, I am really behind on life.  Like, really behind.  This is last weekend’s post that I’m just getting to!

Gosh.  Cupcakemakerfail2010.

ANYHOW.  I have an audience for vegan cupcakes, so I’m back to vegan form for another stretch, this time with MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE cupcakes.  I mean, I also had half of a can of coconut milk that needed a home in a baked good, so that totally worked out for me.

I modified the recipe to fit the ingredients on hand, and they turned out to be remarkably delightful. (more…)

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