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For Christmas, my father got me a Sprinkles banana cupcake mix.  When Gibbs was visiting, we decided a perfect use for this would be an Elvis cupcake.  What is that, do you ask?  Why, banana, peanut butter, and chocolate, of course!  Results as follows:


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HPIM0219Why do the names of my cupcakes always have a smooth alliteration to them?  It’s kind of nice!

I had a meeting tonight, and, as usual, I baked some cupcakes for all to enjoy.  The interesting part of this story is that I was completely exhausted from a week of teaching which resulted in my looking in the pantry to find a box of cupcake mix.  I know that you are thinking, “A boxed mix?  It can’t be true!”  But, I made them yummy and fancy and everyone loved them.

I’ve found that starting with a base of a boxed cake mix leaves one a lot of room to have fun.  I ended up taking the regular chocolate cake mix and preparing as directed, except that I used a 1/4 cup less water and added a 1/4 cup of Baileys.  I then made up a basic cheesecake filling (blend together one 8 oz. package of cream cheese, 3/4 c. sugar, one egg, and 1 tsp. of vanilla).  To make the cupcakes themselves, I filled the liners 1/2 full with the cupcake batter then dropped about 2 tsp. of cheesecake filling into the center.  The cheesecake sinks a little and after baking (at 375 degrees for 18-20 minutes), the cheesecake goodness flattens out and make a yummy center.  Top with fresh raspberries and powdered sugar, serve, and enjoy :)

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