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These are, I think, the prettiest cupcakes I have ever made.

I am not having a good punctuation day.  I have had, I think, a 50% success rate at typing the correct mark throughout the day.  I am so very glad that I finished my thesis and it sits in a sparkley grey cover in a box under my bed with all my drafts, keeping their collective typos to themselves.

Hoookay, after that grammar-neurosis interlude, I now feel comfortable talking about cupcakes.  KVH (I’m sorry that I haven’t yet thought of a clever and mildly entertaining pseudonym yet) has, as I have been led to understand, a birthday tomorrow.  I had been planning to make lemon ricotta pancakes, but cupcakes, as always, seemed like a better idea.  I decided on the raspberry compote because frosting seemed way too heavy for these cupcakes, and I was right. (more…)

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