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For Christmas, my father got me a Sprinkles banana cupcake mix.  When Gibbs was visiting, we decided a perfect use for this would be an Elvis cupcake.  What is that, do you ask?  Why, banana, peanut butter, and chocolate, of course!  Results as follows:


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A Successful Experiment!

Here is yet another experiment, but one that required a little more thought than my last.  Research on hibiscus cupcakes has turned up one unhelpful recipe (I feel like adding a cup of tea and cutting the milk does a disservice to the chemistry of the cupcake), and numerous instructions on how to make buttercream hibiscus flowers, which I don’t really care about; I don’t really want to have my cupcakes look like a plastic lei at the neighborhood barbecue.

So, I adapted existing recipes to my needs.  I decided going the green tea/matcha route of grinding up the hibiscus flowers wouldn’t be particularly effective, nor would allow the cupcakes to get the rich and ridiculous color that hibiscus can impart.  Instead of using granulated sugar, we used a syrup to sweeten the cupcakes.  Making syrup sounds, I think, far more involved and fancy than it is.

Fanciness is to be had, after the jump:


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TASTYPANTS (pretend the ganache doesn't look like the rubber poo that annoying guy in fourth grade always had)

As it is winter in this rain-soaked land, all of my creative energies have to remain indoors.  Double-digging trenches is an exercise in futility when I’m facing another two months with average rainfall totaling eleven inches. As it is, I spend my time creating shockingly intricate planting calendars, trying to teach myself to use obscure fundraising software, and wondering about what kind of decadent the next cupcakes should be.

Which is where My Nefarious Accomplice Alexis comes in.  MNAA introduced me to the concept of salted chocolate.  I like the idea of dark chocolate with a nipping sea salt providing a sharp counterpoint.

It seemed like a really exciting idea for a cupcake, and I am indeed excited.  One of my other blogging projects has culminated in temporary limited cupcake funds, which have gone towards the purchase of a bag of coal-black chocolate, smoked sea salt, and dutch-processed cocoa powder, which went into these wonders.

How to, after the jump. (more…)

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Greetings, gentle readers,

Mini cupcakes

I have returned from my journeys to the warmer climes in the south, and, having engaged in an extensive reading campaign, now find myself yearning to write a post in a poorly-conceived Victorian style, meaning many tangled, clauses, dramatic language, and swooning.

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Then again, this post is probably entertaining enough without attempting that, so here we go: (more…)

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Before leaving for break, I asked my TAs what type of cupcakes I should make.  Their request was for a hot chocolate cupcake.  Why not take that a step farther and make them Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes? :)  Now that I must return to work tomorrow, it’s time to make them their treat!

The recipe started out as a standard chocolate cupcake recipe, but then I decided to change things around a bit.  I subbed some of the regular milk for coconut milk to give it a sweeter, more rich taste, and added the cinnamon and chili for a kick.

The frosting, is a blend between a cream cheese and whipped cream recipe.  This will give the cupcake a tarter taste while still reminding the taster of the fluff of whip cream on a steaming cup of cocoa!


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Edit: We’re also very excited that Sebbie, the face of Rogue Chocolate Stout, found this recipe and linked to it.

We’re so excited to have been featured on wordpress’s main page!  In honor of that, we present: Chocolate Chocolate Stout Cupcakes!

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes are very good, but Chocolate Stout Chocolate Cupcakes sound even better.  (Note: Rogue makes some fine alcoholic beverages, and have pub locations in Portland, Newport, Independence, Astoria and Eugene, OR, Issaquah, WA, and San Francisco, and I fully recommend them for having a solid quality menu and excellent beer).

In any case, I’m REALLY pleased with how these turned out: dense, moist, and flavorful.  The hoppy flavors from the beer, the chocolate and the cream cheese frosting all played off each other in really excellent ways, and I’m very proud of them.


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Down to the UK Measurements

Edit 2: Hi there, folks from Dudism.com; we wish you a Happy Day of the Dude.

Edit: We’ve been featured on the main page!  Thanks, everyone, for visiting!  We’re so excited that we’re going to have a new post up this afternoon, so keep an eye out!

Gibbs is in town!  In celebration, we combined two of our favorite past times: cupcakes and alcohol!  My liquor cabinet graciously gave us some lovely vodka and Kahlua and then there were delicious baked goods.  The base of the cupcakes was the yellow cake recipe from Better Homes and Gardens (surprise, surprise), and we added both Kahlua and vodka to the batter.  The frosting ended up being a buttercream laced with some tasty Kahlua.


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